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By New Heaven New Earth

From: NHNE Y2K Resources: , Wednesday, September 30, 1998

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NHNE Y2K Resources: 
Julianne Wiley List of Food Suppliers
Wednesday, September 30, 1998


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Hello Everyone,

Many of you probably know that emergency food suppliers are
seriously backed up with orders -- primarily because of Y2K
concerns. I just received a list of quick-turnaround food
suppliers from Julianne Wiley of the Tricities 2000 Y2K Mailing
List and wanted to be sure those of you who are interested
could add these folks to your list of food suppliers.

I mentioned in NHNE Y2K Update 4 that Michael Connolly of WIZCITY
has agreed to provide NHNE members a discount on many of the
food items and emergency supplies he carries. His information
is included at the end of this update.

If you are purchasing backup food through your local grocery
stores and/or coops, I encourage you to stock up a little at
a time rather than all at once. While putting aside a few
months worth of food, water and other basic necessities is a
prudent course of action right now, buying everything you need all
at once would place an unnecessary strain on our day-to-day

And that's it for now. 

With Love & Best Wishes,
David Sunfellow  


Hi, good people!

We just got our Walton's order -- which we placed in mid-May.

Here's a handful of places which recently have had a much
faster turnaround. But they are smaller retail suppliers, so
they could get overwhelmed rather quickly, too. But if you're
ordering, now is the time:


Peggy Layton
P.O. Box 44
Manti, UT  84642
801-835-0312 fax
801-835-0311 real person

She has a one-year deal for regular storage foods ($599.99
for ONE person) and a one-year deal of hearty breakfast foods
and soups ($1,199.00 for TWO people) which look very good.
She is a homeschooling mom who repackages, retails, and ships
as a home industry. Ask for "Preparedness Plus," "Grandma's
Country Foods" and other price lists.


1-800-999-1863  toll free
Mon-Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Utah (Mountain) time
Closed Sunday

Ask for their very comprehensive catalog


Joseph's Storehouse
1-888-588-6279  toll free
724-942-6279 fax
Pittsburgh, PA

Ask for catalog - some unusual, very useful items


Happy Hovel Storable Foods

Their catalog costs $7 but it is also an information-packed
"Survival Manual" and I think it is worth it. 	

Preview an excerpt of the catalog at:


Soyfood Products
Toll-free ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This is those sweet, syncretistic, civic-minded soybean-eating
hippies of Summertown, TN. Quite an impressive list of
inexpensive, healthy soy products, basic bulk herbs, and self-help


Harvest Direct
Customer Service hours:  Mon-Fri 9am - 6 pm, Eastern time
Knoxville, TN
Fax 423-523-3372

Soy, gluten, and other vegetarian foods, more elborately processed
than the Summertown group, meat-flavored veggieburger (including
some almost-unbelievable veggie "ribs"!) and TVP quick-mixes,
variety of spice options, the "convenience" soyfood outlet.


The Urban Homemaker
1-303-750-7193 fax
1-800-552-7323 real person

Very nice catalog, family-type business, hand grain mills,
all sorts of supplies especially for bread-making: Saf-Yeast
(stores well without refrigeration), bulk Vitamin C powder,
electric and non-electric tortilla presses and other


Back to Eden
970-527-6221 fax
970-527-3375 real person

They sell garden seeds, specially packed for long-term storage/good
germination, all open-pollenated, which means you can subsequently
save your own seeds: unlike hybrids, these seeds will continue
true to variety. They have seed package deals at surprisingly
reasonable prices. It might be a good idea to get extra and
share with people who may very much need them if the Year
2000 shipments of seeds get stuck on the tracks (or get shipped
too late for planting.) Also an excellent barter item.


"Let us all prepare to serve, and not just prepare to survive."
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As I have mentioned in previous Y2K updates, I strongly encourage
everyone who feels the inner nudge to begin putting away at
least a few months of food, water, and other supplies in order to
prepare for potential Y2K-related disruptions. The best place
to buy food is probably through your local coop. Buy in bulk
whenever possible. And buy items that are whole and unprocessed --
wheat, for instance, that can be stored and ground into flour
when needed. Sprouting seeds and containers, and organic,
non-hybrid, seeds, should also be prominent items on your

For those of you who may not have a local coop and/or who prefer to
have supplies shipped to you, Michael Connolly of WIZCITY has
agreed to provide NHNE members a discount on many of the food
items and emergency supplies he carries. I asked Michael to
provide NHNE readers a discount to encourage those of you who
felt interested to order storage supplies now, while they are
still available. NHNE receives no commission on anything you
purchase from Michael. All the savings go to you. 

Writes Michael:

WIZCITY carries dehydrated and freeze dried food, bulk herbs
and spices, and emergency supplies. Do not delay in getting
the things you need. A few of our sources are already swamped
with orders and backorder times are growing longer by the

As a special for NHNE members, we are offering additional
discounts off a few of the our product lines:

For our Dehydrated Food Line two:

NHNE members can receive an additional 10 percent off bulk orders.
See for details. The full
price list of dehydrated food can be downloaded in text format at

For Herbs and Spices:

NHNE can get an additional 15 percent off our already discounted
price. See for details.
The full price list of dehydrated food can be downloaded in
text format at

We cannot offer these discounts in conjuction with other specials,
bundles, other product lines, or one year units. Please email
us for the most current delivery times, shipping questions,
or any question you may have.

Michael Connolly 


Please feel free to share this report with as many people as
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Sept. 30, 1998.