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Carol Moore's Book on WACO: Getting the Facts Correct

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:52:41 -0500
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To: (Patrick Bailey)
From: "Carol A. Valentine"
Subject: Re: Your Site

At 10:01 PM 11/13/96 -0800, Patrick Bailey wrote:

>The WACO Museum Site Is Absolutely Wonderful.

>Thank you!!!

Thanks Patrick. Acknowledgments like yours make a difference.

Your site is pretty good too--very interesting material, and I like the way you have laid things out--logical, orderly. Quite a pleasure.

Because you are a logical person, and one who is obviously interested in truth, allow me a few moments of your time.

One of the purposes of the Museum is to present the evidence which has been ignored by the press, Congress, and many so-called Waco protesters. Much of the material on Waco circulating to date consists of 1) outright lies 2) spin control--some truth, but many false leads thrown in to misdirect attention from the real story.

Remember Tom Sawyer and Aunt Polly--Tom would often confess to minor infractions of the rules so that Aunt Polly would not notice the big boo-boos. Such it is with Waco and much of the "criticism" of the government. They are damage control efforts.

I noticed you had a review of Carol Moore's book on your ALT site. Compare the contents of her book on the critical issues with the evidence presented in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum.

Her book echoes the damage control "negligence" excuse on the death of the mothers and children. Pick it up and examine what she has to say about the deaths (see pgs. 350, 351, 352, for example). She asserts they went there to seek shelter from the CS gas and died when the bunker collapsed, and quotes the Tarrant County medical examiners staff dentist Rodney Crow.

The government's PR strategy was pretty cute. Govt. says the Davidians committed suicide! Rodney Crow says, sure, they committed suicide but it they were only being kind to their children--and besides, the roof fell in on them.

The listener knows the Govt. is lying, and presumes anyone who disputes the govt. claim (Crow) is telling the truth.

A is an obvious liar. B accuses A of being a liar. Therefore, B is telling the truth.

In fact, B is a liar, too. He is just telling a different story, a story more palatable to the listener, but a story designed to distract the listener from the discovering the real truth--that many of the women and kids were murdered elsewhere, their bodies mutilated, and thrown into the concrete room (See "Eenie Meanie Minie DOE!" in the Death Gallery). "They went to the concrete room to escape the CS gas" is a cover story, one that is promoted by C. Moore's book.

Some of the women and children obviously had been dead a long time. Their bodies were mutilated to hide the evidence.

"Tank Attack Killed Davidians in Concrete Room," says C. Moore on pgs. 350-351, offering as evidence an AP story. C. Moore infers the tank came into the concrete room. Tanks didn't come into the concrete room--it would not have been physically possible; nor did the concrete room collapse due to tank action. See all the photos in "The Collapsed Bunker that Wasn't a Bunker Didn't Collapse," in the Death Gallery. So this section of her book is not true either.

Look at pg. 352 of C. Moore's book. C. Moore talks about the deterioration of the roof of the concrete room. From the context the reader is led to think the "hole kept getting bigger" happened contemporaneously with the fire on April 19. When you read Sgt. Coffman's testimony you find that the sagging of the roof happened in the period AFTER the fire, as the men climbed on top. (See "Tainting the Evidence," -- in particular, the section "Roof Allowed To Disintegrate and Crumbled on the Bodies" in that exhibit). C. Moore just dropped this element of time out of her account, even though she must have been aware of it (she obviously read the testimony.) But the reader, not understanding the time frame, gets a blurred understanding of events.

On pg. 352 C. Moore also talks about "two good sized dents" in the wall of the concrete room, which was "smashed and crumbling." Now look at file: death/fig/d_fig03.jpg in the Death Gallery of the Museum. The damage to one corner of the room is minimal. The utter darkness within the room testifies to the overall soundness of the structure, granted the 18-24 inch hole in the center of the roof.

Turn to pg. 349 of C. Moore's book. "Demolition Trapped and Killed Davidians Inside the Building." in which she says three women and six children were killed before the fire by ceilings and floors that were collapsed by the tank that smashed into the front of the building." Not true, as above.

Even while disputing the suicide story, C. Moore repeats the story as plausible on p. 392.

C. Moore disputes the theory that Davidians started the fire on p. 362, but then grants some credence to the notion on pg. 378. The theory the Davidians started the fire is now "dubious."

Another cover story promoted by C. Moore's book is the "ATF lost the element of surprise" story. No. The planners were banking on the Davidians knowing about the raid. (See "Designed to Fail" in the Museum.) But repeat the phrase "they lost the element of surprise" often enough, and people will believe it. When both the govt. and the "Waco protesters" repeat the same PR line over and over again, the people believe it . . .

In the intelligence war of disinformation, C. Moore's book is part of the problem.

Carol A. Valentine
Public Action, Inc.

TERRORISM: The use of terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve an end. A system of government that uses terror to rule. (American Heritage Dictionary, 1976)

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