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Issue #2 April 7-16, 1999

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 06:45:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: (John F. Winston)
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Subject: IUFO: Chemtrails Over My Head.

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Subject: Chemtrails Over My Head. April 18, 1999.

Last thursday I decided to see if there were anymore Chemtrails in the sky. I saw one regular contrail and then the Chemtrails started being made. There was about 13 of them in the sky at once over a certain period of time. Today, on sunday, they were up there being made at the same rate. This is information from an organized group who are studying them.


From: r n y
Subject: Chemtrails Bulletin #2


Issue #2 April 7-16, 1999

Dear Friends and concerned sky-watchers, A March 17, 1999 radio interview going out to 15 million listeners "rang the Bell" on an investigation financed entirely by your efforts. During this third four-hour segment with Art Bell, I mentioned recent breakthroughs in an investigation undertaken by a small team of dedicated associates. My warmest thanks to Richard and Samantha Young, D, Joe, Erminia, DJ, Karal Ayn, Ken, MB, Barbara, Mark and John for sharing their valuable time, attention, research and insights. To those who have sent donations, photographs, videotapes and detailed sighting/sickness reports please know that while I cannot personally answer each of the 120-150 emails I receive on this story each day, it is your contributions that are leading to the answers and accountability we all seek.

The puzzle pieces are starting to come together.

CHEMTRAIL INVESTIGATION HIGHLIGHTS: The possibility that normal jet contrails are being laid down by US Air Force tanker aircraft has been shot down by a high-ranking American military official. In a recent letter to a Washington State chemtrail sufferer, Major General Gregory Barlow of the Office the Adjutant General stated that "Our KC-135 jet aircraft operate at altitude below 33,000 feet which is typically the altitude where jet contrails form."

Hundreds of photographs, a box of videotapes and my own observations of the spray planes operating over Vancouver Island off Canada's west coast confirm that unmarked, all-white tanker-type aircraft are often laying thick billowing 'trails over American communities at altitudes often below 10,000 feet. At such low altitudes, it is impossible for normal contrails to form because there are no ice-crystals in the air to be nudged by wingtip vortices and hot engines into condensation trails.

While occasionally known to linger in "cloud corridors" formed by constant jet traffic over heavily-flown air routes, according to the FAA, normal contrails usually dissipate harmlessly within 45 seconds like the wake behind a boat. They do not drop cobweb-like "angel hair" over porches, powerlines and police cruisers. Nor do normal contrails spatter clear or brown Jello-like "goop" over houses and car windshields that require high-pressure spray to remove. My hunch is that aircraft spray nozzles sometimes malfunction or are set incorrectly, resulting in occasional "oops" of goop or "angel hair". According to an American biowarfare specialist, when the orifices used for dispersal are not set correctly, sprayed bacteria "would appear as a goopy substance or spider web streamy sort of substance."

Among many other locales, contrail crud has fallen from unfriendly skies onto the remote Mogollon rim in the White Mountains of Arizona; and over Hot Springs, Arkansas; Aptos, California and North Seattle, Washington.

In not so jolly ole England last December, a startled Londoner told me: "This gel just globbed onto my car windshield, seemingly out of nowhere. I couldn't wipe it off even with a towel and some screen wash."

As telltale "X"s appeared over London and refrigerated semi-trailers were used to haul away corpses, the BBC reported that 8,100 people - mostly the elderly - died from similar ailments during the last week of December and the first two weeks of January, 1999.

The most extensively televised goop covered 20 square miles in Oakville, Washington (population 665) on at least six occasions in the fall of 1994. Washington State Dept. Public Health microbiologist Michael McDowell found the bacteria Pseudonmonas Flourescens and an Enterobacteria in a sample scraped from a porch after that resident who was hospitalized with severe coughing, weakness and vertigo. Easily modified Pseudomonas Flourescens is cited in many D-D papers as an experimental biowarfare bacteria.

Another goo sample taken in Fairfield, California on Thanksgiving of 1994 was found to contain Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. An opportunistic pathogen that attacks the lungs, resulting in a thick mucous, this particular pseudomonas is associated with pneumonia, Staph and bronchitis. PA can also lead to ear infections, muscle and joint pain, upper respiratory problems, gastrointestinal symptoms, eye infections and meningitis.

Sound familiar?

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is manufactured by the American Type Ti-sue Cu-ture Corporation - suppliers of at least 72 shipments of germ warfare cultures to Saddam Hussein. See my book, BRINGING THE WAR HOME for more on ATTC, biowarfare experiments and antidotes: 1-888-690-1277 ($--.-- shipping included).

Another sample of "angel Hair" fallout collected after spraying in Salisaw, Oklahoma in October, 1997 revealed the presence of an "unusually big" enterobacteria belonging to the same broad family as E. coli, salmonella, anthrax and shagella. But the mystified microbiologists could not identify the species of this bacillus under their microscope.


Readers of SCORCHED EARTH and BRINGING THE WAR HOME will learn just what their government is capable of. US Senate Testimony taken under oath on May 6, 1994 described "Open Air Testing With Simulated Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents." Leonard Cole, author of CLOUDS OF SECRECY, pointed to Pentagon documents showing how in the 1950s at least 239 US cities were sprayed with a hazardous zinc-aluminum-sulfide "marker". Targets included Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco, St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington DC, Key West, Toledo, and Springfield, Illinois. Three weeks ago, Britain's misnamed Min-stry of De-ense admitted spraying more than one-million Britons with pathogenic bacteria in biowarfare experiments that have continued since the 1960s.

Just who is the enemy?

It could be us. Revised on November 18, 1997, U.S. CODE TITLE 50, SECTION 1520(a) states that "the Se-retary of Defense may conduct any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population" if it is "related to... research activity."

But the law goes on to stipulate that the Secre-ary of Defense may conduct such experiments "only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject."

Who asked you to be a human Guinea-pig?

Toll-free "flu" and pneumonia-tracking numbers across the USA are asking people to come forward and submit to tests and treatment - IF they qualify with specific symptoms incurred within a specified time frame within a certain radius of exposure. Does this sound like a biowarfare test-tracking program to you?


Joe Burton has been tracking chemtrails for the past two years. He has also been very sick. In April, 1998 Joe became extremely fatigued while hiking in Tennessee. Last summer, heavy blood streamed from his urine and gushed from his mouth. Three weeks ago, a toxic fog following treetop-level spraying prompted police to close a county road. Joe's wife and their dog suffered respiratory problems after Joe saw silver particles swirling in the weird fog, "as if electrically charged."

Two doctors could find nothing specifically wrong with Joe Burton. But his symptoms of severe physical fatigue, extremely tender feet bottoms (making walking especially difficult in the mornings), severe joint pain, tenderness in various parts of his body sometimes, difficulty in breathing after light exertion, weight and memory loss, and occasional eyesight problems will be immediately recognized by Gulf War veterans as the primary symptoms of germ warfare-induced Gulf War Illness. Earlier this month, an MD tested Burton and found strange substances entering through his lungs to attack his liver, gallbladder and remaining kidney. The examining doctor told Joe that if cannot purge two unknown chemicals from his system he will die within a year.

Those two chemicals are in fact lab-created "protein poisons". Attached to an amino-acid, they prohibit production of good amino acids. Once in the body, they are very hard to remove. Besides Hepatitis A and a host of other viruses, the virtually unknown V2 Grippe virus found in Joe's medical scan was later tracked by my researchers to Geneva, world headquarters of the nefarious World He-lth Organization. W-O has been implicated by Dr. Leonard Horowitz in his A-DS AND EBOLA book as a principal distributor of HIV-contaminated vaccines in Africa and the USA.

It was this same UN "health" organization which earlier this month rushed 880 pounds of medical supplies to a remote mountainous region in Afghanistan where an "influenza-like" disease claimed close to 200 lives.

Part 1.

John Winston.

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Subject: Chemtrails Over My Head. Part 2 of 2. April 19, 1999.

At the present time it is 2:34 PM on Monday the 19th of April. I just went outside and looked for Chentrails and there are none. Goody.


Meanwhile, a wave of "flu-like" symptoms has hit hundreds of thousands of people in the former Soviet Union, closing schools and hospitals. The Katmandu Times also reports that hundreds of people have died there from an influenza-type outbreak.

An intensive web search by my research team has found that because of their extreme virulence and contagiousness, rapidly mutating flu viruses are being intensely studied by biowarfare researchers. WHAT'S GOING ON? Joe Burton says that two things are going on: Weather modification involving dangerous chemicals, and biowarfare experiments involving lab-produced pathogens. He notes that the characteristic "X"s in the sky are read by satellite to track dispersal patterns. Weather is all about heat exchange. Heat generation can be artificially induced in the atmosphere by adding magnetic iron oxide powder to the polymer - and then heating it with HAARP or a more localized source. (For more on this atmospheric heater, see "Investigations" on my website.) Bernard Eastlund, HAARP's inventor and original patent-holder, has told me that this is theoretically possible - and that polymer additives for microwave absorption are commercially available.

In the Oakville case, a subsequent analysis by a private lab determined that the goop also contained a "strange ironlike substance". Chemtrail investigator Tommy Farmer comments that the chemist he engaged to examine an "angel hair" sample under a powerful microscope "noticed manmade yellow orange orbs impregnated into the filaments of the material." Farmer now believes this material could have been "oxidizing ferrous alloy" used in weather modification experiments.

Shortly after taking videos during an extensive "spray day" last January, 90 tornadoes struck a four-state area around Farmer. Tornadoes are hot weather, summer-time phenomenon. And heavy snow usually does not fall in the desert as it did in Bakersfield, California last weekend. Bakersfield is another epicenter of chemtrail activity.

Weather modification may be taking place across North America without the help of HAARP, which according to Dr. Nick Begich (co-author of ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP) is apparently being activated only for short periods a few times a year. A specialist I spoke with under conditions of anonymity says that if HAARP "has anything to do with the contrails, I now realize we are talking about an altitude in the range of 10 Km. I don't know if it is possible to create [a resonance] region so close to the ground. None of the patents I have looked at are claiming anything less than 50 km. Furthermore, at the 10 Km height, it is hard to see how HAARP would have anything to do with effects seen in the lower 48 states."

When this engineer looked at other military applications for spraying organic electrolytes into the atmosphere, his patent searches turned up attempts to achieve over-the-horizon communications by reflecting radio waves off sprayed aerosols. "I could see that for over-the-horizon communications, one might make a reflector out of a grid pattern or parallel lines." Another patent shows a radar-jamming spray.

But another weather modification expert insists that just as in shortwave radio, the ionosphere to "skip" HAARP radio-frequency transmissions to any region of the USA.

Pick your paranoia. Documents uncovered by my tireless collaborators show that the Pentagon is also extremely interested in "steering storm systems" for weather modification, and in using sprayed aerosols to obscure the sky.

Could the Pentagon's experiments be influencing the weather? You can believe that 40 years of intensive experimentation in manipulating the weather-distributing jet stream has come a long way. Burton advises us to keep an eye on contrails that linger and spread out beneath upper-level clouds that remain stationary. Weather fronts do not move into an area in the absence of upper-atmospheric winds. Yet, on still days aloft, why do weather forecasters across the country keep blowing it - calling for a "Clear day" as jets lay chemtrails and the weather turns to smeary, hazy garbage right outside their windows? Conduct your own investigation. Next time you check out the chemtrails, try donning a pair of sunglasses. You may be as amazed as I was to see the rainbow-colored stain of a chemical signature against clouds that look pure white when you remove your tinted 'glasses. Another reader named Marshall suggests: "It should be pretty easy to determine what substances are in these contrails. All you need is a light source (the sun works great) and an absorption spectrometer. A quick measurement will give a set of absorption lines that can be compared with the spectrum when the contrails are not present. Those lines which appear with the contrails will give definitive proof of what is in those trails. I do not have the equipment, but most astronomers likely would."

LAB SAMPLES ANALYZED Thanks to your contributions, our joint-investigation has just completed the first scientific lab analysis of two fully-documented goo samples taken from uncontaminated aluminum-sided structures months apart in two widely separate states. The biologist at the lab wanted to know where we are getting our "biohazard material". Normally taking three or four days to grow in a Petri dish, our first of two bacteria-laden samples "flowered" less than 48 hours into the culture mix. The biologist said the lab staff had never seen anything grow this quickly: "It was all over the plate".

Among two other nasty pathogens - and an exotic "marker" derived from a distant ocean - three bacteria were found in this air-dropped sample.

1. Pseudomonas Fluorescens causes bad blood infections in humans. This pathogenic bacteria also thrives on petroleum - such as the ethylene dibromide found in other JP-8 contaminated samples. 2. The presence of Streptomyces was very unusual. Unlike the Flourescens, Streptomyces is almost nonexistent in outdoor samples. This fungus is used to make a variety of antibiotics, such as Streptomycin, Tetracycline, Tobramycin.

3. A third bacillus contained a restriction enzyme. Used for transferring DNA from one cell to another, this enzyme is used by bio-labs to create new viruses and genetic clones. You can purchase it on your own letterhead from the American Type Tiss-e Culture in Maryland.


UNREPORTED EPIDEMICS Medical researchers are becoming alarmed by outbreaks of Staph, Lupus, recurrent pneumonia and meningitis across the USA.

P. Aeruginosa can cause meningitis.

Another organism found in our goo sample causes pneumonia. Some months ago, Veterans Administration hospitals advised veterans to get a pneumonia vaccine because "pneumonia is going to be big this year." My strong feeling is that the Lupus and Fibromyalgia "outbreaks" being reported in the wake of heavy spraying are really manifestation of mycotoxin poisoning. This suspicion was confirmed by Dr. Garth Nicholson, who along with his wife Nancy isolated mycoplasma fermentans in the blood of sick Gulf War veterans. Nicholson tells me that ALS, FMS and Lupus cases are now turning out to be "heavily mycoplasma-positive."

No mycoplasmas have showed up in our lab samples. These intractable, opportunistic pathogens may simply be infecting spray-ravaged immune systems. Or this favorite bioweapon may be being deliberately introduced into the North American and other populations. Nicholson discounts "a natural explanation" for an explosion of mycoplasm in the world population following intensive US military experiments with mycoplasm since the 1970s.


As Americans continue contributing detailed reports of "X"-shaped chemtrails, grid-patterns and tic-tac-toe woven in the sky by jets switching sprays on and off as they work an area with chemtrails that linger for hours alongside commercial aircraft trailing fast-dissipating contrails...the Federal Av-ation Administration has finally come up with an answer to explain all this unusual aerial activity.

After his girlfriend became sick three times in the last month and a half, and he started his own "second go-round" with serious illness, a resident of Lansing, Michigan called the Capital City airport last week and demanded an explanation.

Don't worry, the FA- told him. All those planes are part of "delayed Christmas traffic."

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Thank you! -William Thomas


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Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.

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