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By James Cox

US Patent 4,891,600


By James E. Cox

Date of Patent: January 2, 1990

Date of Submission: April 30, 1987


A means for controllably accelerating a particle of matter having a selected dipole characteristic is shown. The means includes a means for generating an alternating electric field extending a first direction, which varies at a selected frequency and which has a predetermined magnitude which is less than the characteristic field ionization potential limit of a particle. A means for generating an alternating magnetic field is provided. The alternating magnetic field extends in a second direction at a predetermined angle to and crosses and intercepts the electric field to define a spatial force field region. The alternating magnetic field has a frequency which is substantially equal to and is at a predetermined phase angle relative to the alternating electric field and is at a flux density which, when multiplied times the selected frequency, is less than the characteristic field ionization limit of a particle. Means are provided for establishing a particle at a selected temperature below a particle thermal ionization level and for transporting a particle into the spatial force field region causing the dipole of a particle to be driven into cyclic motion at substantially the selected frequency which accelerates a particle in a direction substantially normal to the directions of the electric field and said magnetic fields. A control means for establishing a predetermined spatial and time relationship between the electric field, magnetic field and dipole cyclic motion to control a particle acceleration is provided.

9 Claims, 16 Drawing Sheets

A Reference from the Patent:

Cox, J. E., "Electromagnetic Propulsion without Ionization", AIAA/SAE/ASME, 16th Joint Propulsion Conference, Hartford, Conn. 1980.

A Figure from the Patent: Figure 49 (Fig. III-1)

Biography of James Cox:

Jim Cox is a graduate from Cal. State Polytechnic University with a B. S. degree in physics. He published the "Journal of Space Drive Research and Development" and also the "Space Drive Handbook" (1972). He worked as a member of the technical staff at T. R. W. Space and Defense Group for 12 years. He was assigned to ELF communications electric propulsion, monopropellants, and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) power generation. He worked at General Dynamics as a systems engineer for electromagnetic rail gun studies for the Air Force.

He also worked with the Navy weapons programs such as the Phalanx. In 1990 he started the consulting company Parallel Path Technology. The company was involved in inertia propulsion systems. He was employed by LEVR/AIR to work on electromechanical control applications and gyroscopic propulsion studies. He is the author of numerous papers on field propulsion and holds several patents on dipolar propulsion. He has done much private research in exotic propulsion which will be published in the "Antigravity Newsletter".

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